Felting is a new craft for me and I'm still very much a novice. My first experience was when I spied a needle felting class while wandering around the craft fields at Glastonbury festival. Michael lost me for the rest of the day and I managed to create a headdress for our daughter. (Pictured below)When I met a lady on the Windmill Hill Arts trail who said she would teach me to wet felt, I jumped at the chance. So watch this space guys; my fingers are itching and my imagination knows no bounds.

These pots are the results of my Wet felting class... 

 I've been experimenting with wet felting and come up with a few new things to show you. The idea behind the tea light holders was to make them as light and soft as possible. The larger pots are much more robust and inspired by the rocks on a secret beach we discovered on the Isle of Skye. 

I have tried to make these pots more functional by using some recycled jars hidden inside. Again they were inspired by our day waiting for the sea otters on our secret beach.

 Some of the rocks were the deepest black with wonderful lichen creating stark contrasting colours and textures. I have added some simple embroidery to add more dimension and interest to this piece.