Upcycled Creations


We take great delight in the creation of items, some quite unique, through the process of upcycling. We enjoy working with used materials or objects and giving them a new life,

upcycling can give discarded items a completely different purpose.

We are happy to quote to replicate(ish) most items shown or any other pieces commissioned by you 

Our first project was a wine rack made from upcycled pallet wood.

Storage box made from an upcycled broken packing case.

A unique display unit made from pallet wood and some scaffold plank ends (can be wall mounted).

A multi purpose box made from a packing case and some pallet wood. We change ours to reflect the different seasons.

A bookcase/display unit made from pallet wood, some used 2 x 1 wood and

some pieces of used pine. Given a paint wash and then waxed.

A unique wall unit made from pallet wood and and some used skirting board. The hooks were found in a local reclamation yard.

This is small cupboard we found at a wood recycling yard and it was given a makeover.

This sideboard had been in the family a long time but was no longer being used so it was given a makeover.

A new challenge! The design and pattern of the rocking chair did not suit our house so, many many coats of paint later!, we had a chair that worked better for us.

We were on Dunster beach in Somerset and after a heavy storm we found a huge haul of washed up driftwood.

The next item was made from some of the pieces that we found. We will be creating more items through the coming year.

Driftwood with coat hooks.

We were staying in a remote cottage on the west coast of Ireland. This piece of wood is from the original cottage and had been left lying around after some modernisation had taken place. I have giving a light sanding and a coat of wax.