I have always loved to sew, making things from scraps of old and new fabric, creating unique items. 


If you like any of my creations I'm always happy to chat to you about making similar or bespoke items for people.

I often like to hand top stitch my work, adding depth and texture. I used feather and herringbone embroidery stitches on these cushions.

Another vintage head scarf cushion; this time I hand quilted it to give a cosy feel.

Even the cat has one!

These Christmas stockings are hand appliquéd and embroidered for each member of our family. They each depict something special for that person and take many weeks to make.

Just some fun bunting made for our daughter to brighten up her tent at Glastonbury. 

These two gifts were made to celebrate anniversaries. The first was for our paper wedding anniversary and incorporates a piece of cross stitch I did while we were travelling across India. The second is more of a mixed media peace using a weaving technique .

These two cushions were made using a technique called crazy patchwork.

I love to mix and match many different textures to add interest to our home and find cushions a fun way to do this. These two cushions were a remake of some favourite textiles. I used a pompom scarf as my decorative edging on one, and a vintage scarf made of suffolk puffs, restyled into a square then secured with different coloured running stitches on the other.